ESC’s Energy Solutions group develops greener, more efficient and sustainable buildings.


Energy Efficiency Solutions

ESC’s Energy Efficiency Solutions, is a conservation program that reduces energy consumption while lowering overall operating costs. The program can use little or no capital expenditures because it takes advantage of Utility incentives and positive cash flows from the energy conserved.

The Energy Efficiency Solution Process entails the following:

  • Survey facility to define opportunities
  • Analyze operating costs and savings from individual measures
  • Develop a project that addresses energy and budget requirements
  • Secure Utility Incentives
  • Perform the project
  • Enjoy the savings


Energy Analytics

ESC also offers energy analytics using a progressive product called Building Dynamics.  Building Dynamics’ wireless sensing technologies and analytical software clearly display and document the energy consumption of each component of a building or campus. Typically, facility managers only know the overall energy consumption of their buildings. With this new awareness of their facility, ESC can quickly and precisely guide them to the conservation measures that will best lower their operating cost.  As the measures are implemented, Building Dynamics verifies the savings and ensures the initial results are maintained.  In addition, major electric utilities endorse the use of Building Dynamics to their commercial customers and offer incentives to pay 50% of the initial monitoring and, if the customer implements 3 or more conservation measures, will pay 100% of the monitoring. The utilities also pay an incentive for each of the conservation measures that are implemented.


We develop, design and implement the following measures:
  • HVAC Upgrades 
  • Mechanical Upgrades 
  • Central Plant Optimization
  • Process/Production Controls
  • Pipe Insulation and Blankets
  • Energy Management Systems
  • Lighting
  • Solar PV
  • Steam traps
  • Air Compressors
  • Motors and VFD’s
  • Real time monitoring

​With either process, the end result is a greener more efficient and sustainable building!

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