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  • New Haven Free Public Library Case Study

    June 2nd, 2020

    New Haven Free Public Libraries undergo LED lighting upgrades to enhance member experience and lower electrical costs with the use of utility incentives.


  • Environmental Systems Corporation Awarded CT DAS Energy Efficiency Retrofits and Energy Cost Savings Services for Existing Buildings Contract

    September 27th, 2019 by Jessica Protz

    Environmental Systems Corporation (ESC), a leading provider of building technology solutions throughout Connecticut, has been awarded the Energy Efficiency Retrofits and Energy Cost-Saving Services for Existing Buildings contract (No. 18PSX0104) by the State of Connecticut Department of Administrative Services (DAS). The contract runs through December 2022

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  • US Button/Emsig Manufacturing Receives $222,421 Incentive Through Energy Efficiency Project

    October 15th, 2018 by Jessica Protz

    US Button, an Emsig Family business located in Putnam, CT, recently underwent a comprehensive energy project resulting in a more energy efficient operation with reduced electricity use, significant annual savings and improved lighting. On Monday October 15th, representatives from Environmental Systems Corporation (ESC) and Eversource Energy presented a check to US Button in the amount of $222,421 in energy conservation incentives for the facility’s completion of the project.

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  • Worldwide Sailcloth Producer Receives $47,908 in Energy Incentives

    July 6th, 2018 by Jessica Protz

    Associates from Environmental Systems Corp. (ESC) and Eversource Energy presented Dimension-Polyant with a utility rebate check in the amount of $47,908. As many large facilities do, Dimension-Polyant qualified for the rebate by participating in Eversource’s energy efficiency incentive program for multi-measure projects. In this case the incentive paid for 50% of the total project cost which included air leak repairs, new LED lighting, and a new air compressor.

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  • $58,736 in Energy Incentives Awarded to Technical Industries 

    May 17th, 2018 by Jessica Protz

    Representatives from Environmental Systems Corp. (ESC) and Eversource Energy presented Technical Industries Inc. with a rebate check of $58,736 for their participation in a recent energy efficiency incentive program. The energy upgrades totaling at $117,472 that Technical Industries chose to invest in included LED lighting, an Air Compressor and Dryer and air leak repairs. After the 50% incentive, Technical Industries paid only $58,736 out of pocket.  In addition to better lighting and the new mechanical systems’ improved reliability, Technical Industries will enjoy long term savings on future energy bills. Annual savings on energy bills are currently estimated to be $23,106.

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